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A while ago I wrote an article about the Collateral Consequences of a Criminal Conviction. Collateral consequences are those beyond fines and jail and probation, i.e. what a judge hands down. Collateral consequences are the inability to vote or being deported. For this week’s post I’m going to focus on just one of those consequences: employment complications. A recent article by The Nation reminded me of these issues. The subtitle of the article says it all: “How a Criminal Record Keeps you Unemployed for Life.” The article and its comments include a host of anecdotes from people who couldn’t secure meaningful employment due to a criminal record. The biggest issue cited by the article is fear from employers. Fear of the ex-con running amok, or fear that their clientele will think less of the company because they hired a criminal. The article makes it clear employee discrimination based on a record is often illegal. But tell that to the people with records still looking for work. I see this issue a lot in my practice. As a former public defender, and even in private practice, I work with people who have criminal records. Their lives are intrinsically, permanently worse because of the conviction interfering with their job prospects (or housing prospects or financial aid prospects). It’s a rare case for someone with a record to not be worse off in some way because of the conviction.   This is one of the reasons my ultimate goal in representation is to keep someone free of a criminal record. If someone walks in and for the first time in their life they’ve been charged with a crime, my goal is for their record to remain unblemished when their case resolves. Sometimes this can entail a fight. On a first offense, for a lot of crimes (not all) the prosecutor makes an offer that a defendant will plead guilty in exchange for zero jail time. Clients think this is a great deal.   Client: “Yay no jail! The case will be over and I can get on with my life.” Me: “Yay! Except boo because while the case will be over, the conviction will follow you forever!”   The problem with any conviction...

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