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Part my work as a Seattle DUI attorney is staying on top of legal developments in the field. Whenever our Court of Appeals or Supreme Court issues a decision, I receive a copy of the decision via email. A lot of these cases are simply affirming a person’s conviction; the court saying “Everything looks ok here.” But sometimes a conviction is reversed. In those instances the court is telling people “There was a mistake here and this should not happen again.” Today’s post is about the latter, a conviction reversed, and welcome guidance on a common situation. There are prerequisites for a prosecutor to obtain a criminal conviction against a defendant. The alleged crime has to happen in the jurisdiction of that prosecutor, there has to be the right defendant, the law has to be constitutional, etc. But one of the most important requirements is that the facts of the case actually support the charge. If there is insufficient evidence to support a conviction it must be tossed out, regardless of what a jury says. Now, challenging the sufficiency of the evidence on an appeal is a very high burden for a defendant. At the trial level, where a jury decides the case, the prosecution has the burden of proving the case beyond a reasonable doubt. But if the jury does come back guilty, on appeal the defendant has to establish no rational jury could have come back guilty and every fact in the case is construed in the light most favorable to the prosecution. Because of all that getting a conviction reversed for insufficient evidence is quite rare. But it does happen, and it happened recently. In State v. Rich, Ms. Rich was driving a reported-stolen car. When police caught up with her, her nine-year-old nephew was in the car. Police reported she exhibited signs of being intoxicated and at the station blew a .183 and .188. Ms. Rich was charged with DUI, reckless endangerment (for having the nephew in the car while driving drunk), and possessing a stolen vehicle.  Ms. Rich was found guilty of DUI and reckless endangerment and acquitted of the stolen vehicle charge. Ms. Rich’s appeal concerned the reckless endangerment conviction. The prosecution’s theory...

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Ever since I started my practice, people have been asking for a deal they see business do all the time. They suggested a way to add a little extra who choose my practice to represent their needs. I took these suggestions seriously. While I do have a business to run, I do want to provide value to my clients as well. And considering how often this request comes across my desk, I knew this was something people cared about very much. So I came up with something. My accountant and I looked at the books. We figured it was a great deal for the client, but would it bankrupt us? Was there a way to reward loyal clients, that also fit within the financial limitations of running a criminal defense practice? Well after a lot of number crunching we figured out a solution. I’m happy to report on this, the first day of the fourth month of the year, I am able to offer my clients what they’ve been clamoring for: The Law Office of Noah Weil Frequent Offender Card!  Here’s how it works Let’s say, somehow, a person isn’t alive anymore. And you are, for whatever reason, accused of being involved in the process of that person not being alive anymore. And because of the accusation of your involvement in someone not being alive, you decide you need a lawyer. And your favorite lawyer is running a promo right now. Great! Just make an appointment for an office visit. Print out and bring the Frequent Offender Card with you. If we end up working together, you receive a punch on the card. Hopefully the unfortunate person fell on his own knife collection, or whatever, and you are free to return to normal life. Then let’s say another person also finds themselves devoid of corporeal animation and you, again for whatever reason, are somehow associated with that person’s snuffed wick. Same as before! Make an appointment and bring that card with you. If we work together you will receive another punch on the card and together we will once again confront these unwelcome accusations. If this continues to happen, the tenth time your representation is FREE! (Please note: office consultations 5-10 will...

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