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Posts made in December, 2015

By on Dec 24, 2015 in Communication, Court, Criminal, Judges, Jury, Negotiation, Office, Podcast, Procedure | 0 comments

This week I’m joined by my friend and King County prosecutor Paul Sewell. We talk about the effect of charging people with crimes, the roles of defense attorneys and prosecutors, the crucible of law school, and lots more! He was a great guest and we had some great conversation.   You can download the full episode here. If you liked the episode please subscribe and rate on...

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By on Dec 18, 2015 in Court, Juvenile Court, Podcast | 0 comments

This week I’m fortunate to be joined by the Honorable King County Superior Court Judge John Erlick. Judge Erlick is currently doing a rotation as a juvenile court judge. We talk about juvenile court generally, the kinds of cases and juveniles he sees, and whether the whole thing is working. He’s a very smart guy and I was lucky for the opportunity to hear his thoughts.   You can download the episode here. Be sure to rate and subscribe in...

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By on Dec 17, 2015 in Communication, Criminal, Drug Law, Funny | 0 comments

Martin Shkrell made the news earlier this year when his company raised the price of a drug used to combat toxoplasmosis by over 4,000%. His decision was lauded by some and decried by others. But maybe it made good business sense. I don’t know. I’m a criminal defense attorney, not a drug executive.  Mr. Shkrell did get into my wheelhouse when he was arrested earlier today for securities fraud. As a mere observer, I can engage in some harmless schadenfreude when a greedy person gets his. But only because I’m not his attorney. My clients, and any criminal defense attorney’s clients, are often unpopular people. They’re accused of doing very bad things, and sometimes (not always) they have actually done them. But regardless, my clients know I always have their back. I don’t have the luxury, or the interest, of judging the people who have come to me needing help. I may be the only person in the world that will take their phone call, support them, and advocate they get to go home. And frankly, it’s an honor to do so. If you have ever been in a really tough spot, knowing you have someone in your corner can feel like an enormous weight off of your shoulders. So it was with some amusement when I was sent this article. Nominally from Mr. Shkrell’s attorney, it purports to say the lawyer was raising his fees by 5,000%. Again, we all like to read stories of the arrogant getting a taste of their own medicine. It is funny but no lawyer should ever do that. Our clients depend on us, when they need us the most. Unfortunately there was a real story of a lawyer who forgot the rule. Earlier this year police officer Michael Slager was charged with murder after shooting Walter Scott. As I highly recommend when charged with murder, Mr. Slager obtained an attorney. He hired attorney David Aylor, who began his representation by making factual statements about the case. A video came out a short while after, disproving those initial statements. And then Mr. Aylor dropped his client. And then, for whatever reason, he gave an interview about it. There are a lot of problems with this. Talking to the media...

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By on Dec 8, 2015 in Communication, Court, Criminal, Podcast | 0 comments

This week on the podcast I’m discussing five rules of advocacy I use. These are the principles I follow whenever I’m arguing for my clients, either orally or in writing.  You can listen to the show here: Or download the episode here. Please remember to subscribe in...

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