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As I said in my last post, politics-related posts aren’t ideal  for business. Oh well, in for a penny… But I do promise this one is not a rant nor idle gnashing of teeth. I am looking towards the future and I recommend you do the same. On a personal note, I was unhappy with the results of the presidential election. I thought Hillary was by far the most qualified person for the position. But on another personal note, I just hate losing in general. In a past life I competed on the national stage in certain competitive endeavors. A loss there, usually after months of preparation, made me half livid and half despondent. These days it’s only after an intense trial that those feelings arise, but apparently a national election too. I’ll say my visceral reaction to losses is not my best trait, but it probably makes me a better competitor/attorney. Either way, a scowl on my face and a clenching of my stomach, my body welcoming back an old friend. But that was the day after. And now we’re after that, and I’ve settled and reflected and talked to people both happy and unhappy with the results.  First, for those that are unhappy with the results, let us recognize literally millions of people would be feeling exactly the same way if Hillary had won. Are only our feelings legitimate? No. People were invested in this election on both sides, and whether your candidate won or lost doesn’t change the fact that millions upon millions felt strongly about their side too.  Why did Donald Trump win? The doom-and-gloomers think because Donald was a voice for the racists, the misogynists, the tyrannical. I have no doubt there is some truth there, in the sense that those people exist.  But I don’t think for one second the majority of his supporters are the second coming of the third Reich. I believe large, large swaths of his voters felt disenfranchised by the system and wanted to feel like they had a measure of control in their lives. And not only is that an extremely legitimate reason to engage with the political process, those people are probably correct. Whether Donald can solve their woes is another question, but...

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