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I was talking to a lawyer friend a while ago and he mentioned his girlfriend at the time (now wife) was supportive of his legal career, but (friend) was not allowed to defend child- sex offenders. Not “those people.” And I get it. Those guys are the lowest of the low, right? If any crime deserves someone be swiftly and surely strung up in the town square, it’s these guys. Right? It’s a popular opinion, but not one I subscribe to. When the accusation is heinous and awful, that’s when our due process is most needed. That’s when competent lawyers and neutral judges are most required, because it’s too easy for emotions to send an innocent person to prison. And in the article here, that’s what happened. An innocent person lost 20 years of his life. His kids grew up without him. He missed graduations, weddings, the birth of his grandchildren. Because in the zeal to convict, his guilty was presupposed. And despite a lawsuit to hold those accountable, which he won, he will never get that time back. I defend “those people” because if I don’t, who will? They deserve competent and effective representation. They deserve their day in court. And if they’re innocent they deserve, like we all do, to not spend decades in prison for a crime they did not commit. There is a chasm between an accusation and proof and as the article shows, all of society suffers when an accusation is treated as truth. If you or someone you know is accused of doing something bad, feel free to give me a...

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