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Posts made in June, 2017

By on Jun 22, 2017 in Traffic Ticket | 0 comments

Washington State traffic enforcement is targeting left-lane “campers,” people who don’t pass or merge back onto the right. The tickets come with $136 price tags and can raise insurance rates for up to three years.  If you or someone you know receives a traffic infraction and needs help keeping it off a driving record, feel free to give me a...

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By on Jun 13, 2017 in Communication, Court, Criminal, Judges, Jury, Noah Weil | 0 comments

Sometimes I get calls from people wanting to know whether I would be able to help them on their case. The caller is making a good choice to talk to potential lawyers. When you are charged with a crime the stakes are enormously high. I support anyone who finds themselves in that situation to get their questions answered and see if the lawyer is a good fit for them. But sometimes I get calls from people who think they should hire a lawyer, but don’t understand what their lawyer actually does. “Can you use your special relationship with a judge to get a case dismissed?” Umm, no. “Can I leave town for six months and you take care of everything?” No no no no. The question of what I can do, as a lawyer you hire, is a good one. What do I do that a public defender can’t? Why pay a lawyer when you can just represent yourself? For this week’s post I wanted to share three things I, your lawyer, provide for you.  1. Finding the issues I touched on this in an earlier post but I’ll elaborate here.  Our legal system is inherently a dispute-resolution process. Judges and juries don’t go around preemptively making rulings and determining guilt. They wait for someone to be accused of a crime, then they listen to the evidence and arguments, then they make a decision on whether the accusation has been proved. My role as your lawyer is to offer evidence and arguments so the decisionmaker, be it judge or a jury, makes the right decision (i.e. the decision in your favor).  My job is to craft the effective arguments and present the effective evidence to get to that correct decision. What I do to do that is find the issues in a case, which means the points that are particularly strong for our case, or particularly weak for the other side, and bring them to light. If the other side has these points to make? I try to minimize them. Like I wrote in the link above, there is plenty of irrelevant information swirling around every case. My job is to cut through that and find the issues that can actually swing a decision, and then use them. I pore over...

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