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Episode 21: Justice McCloud Part 2

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This week is part two of my interview with Justice McCloud. We had a great talk about bad lawyering, the work of the Washington Supreme Court behind the scenes, and lots more. Again huge thanks to Justice McCloud for opening her chambers up to chat with me. Enjoy!


Episode 20: Justice McCloud Part 1

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This week I’m fortunate enough to be joined by Justice Sheryl Gordon McCloud of the Washington State Supreme Court. We had a great discussion about her road to the highest court in the land, the logistics of hearing cases, judicial elections, and lots more. Enjoy this part, and come back next week for part 2! (more…)

The Buried Bodies Case

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Warning: Rambling thoughts ahead.

A friend of the firm sent me a link to the NPR’s Radiolab podcast about “The Buried Bodies Case.” The link for the episode is there and I urge you to give it a listen. It’s well-put together. But for those stuck looking at their phones during a meeting, here’s the summary:  


Episode 19: Mental Health Court with Judge Ed McKenna

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Seattle Municipal Court has a nationally-recognized program for dealing with defendants with serious mental health problems. But the program isn’t perfect. I sit down with the head of the program, the honorable Judge Ed McKenna to talk about the process of mental health court, the pros and cons of the program, keeping your cool, watching court, and lots more!


A Learning Opportunity

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Maybe it was my Jewish upbringing, or the fact that both my parents were both professors at one point, but I have a lot of reverence for teachers. It’s no criminal defense attorney, but even so teaching is a very noble pursuit. 

Not to keep ripping off imgur for content but this week’s post is another back-and-forth. This time it’s between a disgruntled student and a patient teacher. I love the professor’s response so much I felt it had to be shared. So, here you go.

P.S. #BlackLivesMatter

That Escalated Quickly

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I love the promise of the law. The promise that says we have a system of rules that apply equally to the rich, poor, black, white, abled, disabled, and everyone else. How can you not love a system that simultaneously advocates for victims, opposes government tyranny, and creates the forum for a mega-corporation to battle a 17-year-old?

As a criminal defense attorney, I am far from naive on the flaws in our system. Me and my clients see them every day. That being said, even if the execution of the law needs some work, the promise of justice for all is an appealing one.

Part and parcel with the promise of justice is the promise those that administer justice, i.e. judges, be fair, impartial, and show allegiance to the law over their own personal feelings. Judges are, of course, people and there’s nothing wrong with bias and feelings and traits that all of us share. But, we do expect judges to do their best to put aside their feelings when on the bench. 

Today’s post is about two men behaving badly. One is a criminal defendant and one is a judge. Neither looks great. (more…)

Episode 18: Witness Prep with Nicholas Evanovich

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This week I’m joined by New York State prosecutor Nicholas Evanovich. A friend of the show, he was very excited to come on. We have a good discussion about work with witnesses, preparing them to take the stand.  (more…)

Stigma and Reentry

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noun: stigma; plural noun: stigmata; plural noun: stigmas
  1. 1.
    a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.


Podcast Recommendation: Radiolab Presents More Perfect

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As regular visitors know, I am a Seattle-based criminal defense attorneyI am also the producer of a criminal defense podcast that is intentionally-acclaimed. And I’m excited to report that I have some great episodes in the pipe that I’m excited to get out soon. 

But not today. Instead, to get your legal info fix, I’m recommending Radiolab’s newest production: More Perfect. The premise is a deep look at matters out of the United States Supreme Court. Their first episode, a thoroughly engrossing look at recent capital punishment cases, is a must listen. I’m excited for the next episode, and I’m excited more criminal justice podcasts are getting in the game! Give it a listen, and check back next week for more blog posts and BetterNoahLawyer episodes.

Episode 17: Hypotheticals with Denice Gagner

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This week friend of the show Denice Gagner takes over to pose hypotheticals and scenarios. We talk about prosecutors, jury selection, biopsies, jail, DUIs, and more! A fun episode with lively discussion.


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