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Episode 8: Restraining Orders

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This week’s episode is about restraining orders aka no-contact orders. They are a really big deal and can get people in a lot of trouble. I talk about how to get one if you need it, how to fight if someone is trying to restrain you, and some past protection order cases.


Bad Review, Really Bad Response

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In the 4th century B.C., Aristotle referenced the “wisdom of the crowds.” This was the idea that the opinions of many were more likely to lead to the right result than the judgment of a few. NPR’s Planet Money did an excellent show on the wisdom of the crowds. Our modern consumerist society relies on the wisdom of the crowds all the time. Specifically, online reviews.


Episode 7: Police Officer Eric Michl Part 2

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This week I finish my conversation with veteran Seattle Police Officer Eric Michl. We talk about staying silent, the joy of defense attorneys, cops not being served at restaurants, and lots more!


Episode 6: Seattle Police Officer Eric Michl Part 1

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This week I’m joined by Seattle Police Officer Eric Michl. We had to jump through some hoops to make this happen, but the results were worth it. We had a great conversation on the culture of policing, use of force, traffic stops, and lots more. We talked for so long I broke it into two parts, come back next week for part two!   (more…)

BetterNoahLawyer Podcast Episode 5: With David Greenspan

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In today’s episode I’m joined by local attorney David Greenspan. David talks about his time in a prosecutor as a tiny county, being the local coroner. We also talk about his being a part-time judge and the issue of mandatory sentencing. Check it out! (more…)

BetterNoahLawyer Podcast Episode 4: Sentencing

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New episode today, all about sentencing. It’s an important of criminal defense and I share techniques I use, hurdles, and an anecdote about losing at trial and still winning at sentencing. (more…)

A Strange Case: Process Trumps Presence

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In 2005, Terrance Irby was charged with murder in the death of an associate, James Rock. At his first trial in 2007 he was convicted of the murder. But the Washington Supreme Court reversed his conviction, saying there was a violation of his right to a public trial when attorneys had emailed with the judge about the composition of the jury. The Washington Supreme Court ordered a new trial for Mr. Irby. He got it, but then things got a little weird.


BetterNoahLawyer Podcast Episode 3: Chatting with Denice

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I’m joined by my good friend Denice Gagner to talk about her former life as a prosecutor, visiting jail, and more! We had a lot of fun with this one. (more…)

BetterNoahLawyer Podcast Episode 2: Trial Prep Part 2

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Here’s Part 2 of the trial prep episode. I discuss how the trial ended up and the process of the case that led to that finish. Let me know what you think!




BetterNoahLawyer Podcast Episode 1: Trial Prep Part 1

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Here’s the first episode of my new podcast: NoahLawyerPodcast! This episode was recorded just two days before a DUI trial. I discuss the parts of the trial and what I’m trying to accomplish. Let me know what you think! (more…)

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