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Episode 17: Hypotheticals with Denice Gagner

Posted by on 6:27 am in Communication, Court, Criminal, DUI, Jury, Podcast | 1 comment

This week friend of the show Denice Gagner takes over to pose hypotheticals and scenarios. We talk about prosecutors, jury selection, biopsies, jail, DUIs, and more! A fun episode with lively discussion.


Episode 16: Witness Interviews with Jeff Cohen

Posted by on 11:40 am in Communication, Experts, Podcast, Police | 1 comment

This week I’m joined by highly experienced attorney Jeff Cohen. Jeff and I talk about investigating a case by interviewing witnesses before trial. We discuss talking to police, victims, experts, and children. A really interesting show about the tactics and technique of witness interviews.

You can also download the episode here. If you like the podcast, please subscribe on iTunes!

Patronize My Ethics!

Posted by on 2:32 pm in Administration, Communication, Court, Criminal, Judges, Misconduct, Procedure, Promotion, Trial | 1 comment

Let’s talk about ethics. Some people believe ethics are a good thing. They probably are.

But here’s what the ivory tower ethicists won’t tell you: sometimes ethics get in the way of business. (more…)

Your One Phone Call

Posted by on 3:41 pm in Civil Rights, Communication, Constitution, Criminal, Family, Noah Weil, Police, Procedure | 0 comments

It’s a popular trope. You’re arrested, you’re brought down to the station. You’re told you get “one phone call” before you’re subject to a trip to your private jail cell. Better make it count… But is it true? (more…)

Episode 15: Traits of a Good Defense Attorney

Posted by on 9:29 am in Communication, Court, Criminal, DUI, Podcast, Police | 0 comments

This week Denice joins me to discuss a recent Huffington Post article about assessing your defense attorney. We mercilessly make fun of it and then give some useful information and make fun of it some more. It was a fun episode.

Episode 14: Origin Story Part 2

Posted by on 4:15 pm in Communication, Constitution, Court, Criminal, Funny, Podcast | 0 comments

This week’s episode: Part 2 of my origin as a criminal defense attorney! Eric concludes his interview as we talk about drugs, judges, bad lawyers, and we talk about drugs some more too. 



Episode 13: Origin Story Part 1

Posted by on 6:44 am in Communication, Constitution, Court, Criminal, Noah Weil, Podcast | 0 comments

New episode! Friend of the show Eric Reasoner flips the script and asks me questions about what I did before becoming an attorney and why I feel the way I do. A secret revealed! 


A Different Agenda

Posted by on 12:43 pm in Civil Rights, Communication, Court, Criminal, Fifth Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Police | 0 comments

A St. Paul police officer suggested local citizens run over protestors. He told the citizens they won’t be charged with a crime if they handle the inevitable accident in a certain way. I have some thoughts on this.


Episode 12: Variety Talk with Denice and Eric

Posted by on 7:57 am in Constitution, Court, Criminal, Noah Weil, Podcast, Police, Traffic Ticket | 0 comments

This week we’re trying something a little different. I’m joined by former guest and criminal defense attorney Denice Gagner. I’m also joined by nonlawyer and overall good guy Eric Reasoner. We talk about a variety of topics, including police, Serbia, the presumption of innocence, and lots more. Warning for the kiddos: the language and content is explicit. Enjoy!



Hearing Impaired Woman’s Police Disaster

Posted by on 10:56 am in Civil Rights, Communication, Police | 0 comments

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about the Seattle Police and their policies regarding the deaf community. My post emphasized the struggles of the deaf population in these interactions, since conveying the language issue for deaf people is different than for non-English speakers. In 2010 partially-deaf woodcarver John Williams had a tragic encounter with Seattle Police that ended with Mr. Williams being shot and killed. Aside from that, and perhaps because of that, law enforcement in this area has not made any news regarding their interactions with members of the deaf community. To which we are all thankful. 

Unfortunately that’s not the case elsewhere. Last year NYPD officers arrested deaf woman Diana Williams. Although the police were on some notice she had a hearing disability, they refused her requests for an interpreter. She was jailed for 24 hours without the ability to communicate with anyone, before ultimately being released. She later sued the NYPD for her experiences alleging, among other things, the NYPD violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. Her lawsuit went well. (more…)

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