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Domestic Violence: Someone is Going to Jail

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This week’s topic is about domestic violence, a term with both legal and social significance. It’s a topic that carries a lot of emotional weight and anyone who works in this field, as I do, needs to respect the connotations “domestic violence” brings to the table.

This post is an overview of the domestic violence law in Washington with an eye towards people arrested for the crime because 1) it’s the people I usually work with, and 2) in my experience many people have incorrect ideas about what domestic violence (“DV”) actually means from a legal perspective. (more…)

Emotion All Around

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Most of my clients have either never been charged with an offense in their life, or have been involved in the system for years and years. Both types of clients feel stress about their situation when I get involved, but for different reasons.

Seattle Bans Criminal History For Rental Applications

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Criminal histories are the gift that keep on giving. From embarrassment to loss of job to losing the ability to travel internationally, even simple misdemeanors can cause havoc years and years after the case is over. It’s why I get called a lot about vacating misdemeanors and felonies.

Seattle, recognizing this issue and its intersection with their homeless crisis, unanimously passed a new ordinance forbidding the use of criminal histories in rental applications. For Seattle residents that are scared of living next to ne’er-do-well’s, the article points out there is no relationship between criminal history and tenant violations (and if someone committed a serious violent felony, they are probably still in prison). 

I applaud this ordinance as a common-sense response to the criminal history problem. Even people who have made a mistake deserve a place to live.

If you or someone you know is being charged with a crime or needs to clear up some records, feel free to give me a call.

FAQ on Washington’s Distracted Driving Law

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Pokemon Go While Driving

Going into effect on Sunday July 23, 2017, Washington just enacted a comprehensive law aimed at reducing accidents and fatalities caused by distracted drivers. This law prohibits drivers from using electronic devices while driving. The new law vastly expands what’s defined as “using” the device, and increases the penalties too. If you don’t want to get ticketed by the new distracted driving law, read on for details.


Camper Warning

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Washington State traffic enforcement is targeting left-lane “campers,” people who don’t pass or merge back onto the right. The tickets come with $136 price tags and can raise insurance rates for up to three years. 

If you or someone you know receives a traffic infraction and needs help keeping it off a driving record, feel free to give me a call.

What Your Lawyer Can Do

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Work Desk

Sometimes I get calls from people wanting to know whether I would be able to help them on their case. The caller is making a good choice to talk to potential lawyers. When you are charged with a crime the stakes are enormously high. I support anyone who finds themselves in that situation to get their questions answered and see if the lawyer is a good fit for them.

But sometimes I get calls from people who think they should hire a lawyer, but don’t understand what their lawyer actually does. “Can you use your special relationship with a judge to get a case dismissed?” Umm, no. “Can I leave town for six months and you take care of everything?” No no no no.

The question of what I can do, as a lawyer you hire, is a good one. What do I do that a public defender can’t? Why pay a lawyer when you can just represent yourself? For this week’s post I wanted to share three things I, your lawyer, provide for you. 


Defending Accused Sex Offenders

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I was talking to a lawyer friend a while ago and he mentioned his girlfriend at the time (now wife) was supportive of his legal career, but (friend) was not allowed to defend child- sex offenders. Not “those people.”

And I get it. Those guys are the lowest of the low, right? If any crime deserves someone be swiftly and surely strung up in the town square, it’s these guys. Right? (more…)

Trial Is Not About Scoring Points

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I’ve had this conversation with a few clients regarding their cases this year, and the issue does seem to come up now and then. So for the definitive blog post on the subject: Trials are not about scoring points.


Episode #23: Indigo Starchild

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For this week’s episode I’m honored to be joined by Evelyn. Evelyn is relatively young in her work but she’s already made an impact in the community with sharing, coloring, and using the potty. I don’t rank the guests on my program but I was particularly impressed with the depth of this interviewee’s knowledge of judicial elections and what we were having for breakfast. This turned out to be one of my favorite interviews. As always, thanks for listening.




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H/t Legendary podcaster Justin McElroy for the inspiration.


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