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Defending Accused Sex Offenders

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I was talking to a lawyer friend a while ago and he mentioned his girlfriend at the time (now wife) was supportive of his legal career, but (friend) was not allowed to defend child- sex offenders. Not “those people.”

And I get it. Those guys are the lowest of the low, right? If any crime deserves someone be swiftly and surely strung up in the town square, it’s these guys. Right? (more…)

Trial Is Not About Scoring Points

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I’ve had this conversation with a few clients regarding their cases this year, and the issue does seem to come up now and then. So for the definitive blog post on the subject: Trials are not about scoring points.


Episode #23: Indigo Starchild

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For this week’s episode I’m honored to be joined by Evelyn. Evelyn is relatively young in her work but she’s already made an impact in the community with sharing, coloring, and using the potty. I don’t rank the guests on my program but I was particularly impressed with the depth of this interviewee’s knowledge of judicial elections and what we were having for breakfast. This turned out to be one of my favorite interviews. As always, thanks for listening.




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H/t Legendary podcaster Justin McElroy for the inspiration.


Snapshot of a Speeding Ticket

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I recently wrapped up an interesting situation with a traffic ticket. It’s a good snapshot into some of the issues that come up when working with my clients. (more…)

After the Election

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As I said in my last post, politics-related posts aren’t ideal  for business. Oh well, in for a penny… But I do promise this one is not a rant nor idle gnashing of teeth. I am looking towards the future and I recommend you do the same. (more…)

Family Pride

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This is my business’s website. The purpose of this website is to let potential clients know of my firm’s existence and give them enough information to hire me to assist them with their issues. To that end I have my contact info, my FAQ, and a short blurb about me. This is standard stuff for any lawyer, or any small business really. (more…)

Episode 22: Jury Duty with Brianna and Dan

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This week’s episode is about jury duty. I’m joined by Brianna and Dan, who recently had jury duty. Brianna was a juror on a serious manslaughter case and Dan was a juror in Seattle Municipal Court, and it’s interesting to hear the similarities and differences of their experience. It’s a long episode but we had a great discussion.

Plus a very special surprise guest WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE IN BED makes a quick visit. 


Episode 21: Justice McCloud Part 2

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This week is part two of my interview with Justice McCloud. We had a great talk about bad lawyering, the work of the Washington Supreme Court behind the scenes, and lots more. Again huge thanks to Justice McCloud for opening her chambers up to chat with me. Enjoy!


Episode 20: Justice McCloud Part 1

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This week I’m fortunate enough to be joined by Justice Sheryl Gordon McCloud of the Washington State Supreme Court. We had a great discussion about her road to the highest court in the land, the logistics of hearing cases, judicial elections, and lots more. Enjoy this part, and come back next week for part 2! (more…)

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